Myself and Roland Heap working on the final mix at Sound Disposition.



Description: Fiction Feature Film (2016)

Director: Kevin Nash

Production Company: PaintLick Films

Sound Department:

Sound Recordist – Andrew Rowe

Assistant Sound Effects Recordist – Alasdair Jones

Foley Artist – Franka Beck

Foley Mixer – Franziska Treutler

Foley Recorded at The Foley Factory

Re-Recording Mixer – Roland Heap

Re-Recording Mixer – Marc Specter

Sound Mixed at Sound Disposition

Scarlett, a successful American health psychologist, passes through London for a conference. Yet her goal is to meet Amy, her hitherto unknown half-sister, and to find out about their father, David, who died 10 years earlier – and whom she’d never met. Scarlett soon finds that she is less than welcome in Julie’s household and that there is a wall of silence about David. When the truth is finally revealed, it shatters the stability of the family, causing all of the family and Scarlett to reassess their relationship to one another.

I supervised sound post; editing dialogue and sound effects and pre-mixing backgrounds and effects in 5.1 in my studio.

Andrew Rowe’s production sound was brilliantly recorded and as the film is very dialogue driven it meant we had a rock solid base to work from.

I bought Alasdair Jones on board to help with some of the sound effects field recording and worldising of group ADR.

The Foley Factory provided many layers of detailed foley and Roly Witherow composed a beautiful score.

Finally, I asked the very experienced and talented Roland Heap and Marc Specter to do the final mix at Sound Disposition, which was a great experience for myself and the director and bought a whole new layer of polish and quality to the soundtrack.