Sample Libraries

Buying a library gives you download links to Reason Refill, Kontakt and WAV/Rex formats.


We’ve created a library solely from errors. Some of them completely accidental, some where we just looked the other way whilst the accident happened. But all of them stem from a willful ignorance of instruction manuals and correct operating procedures.

Home movie soundtracks mangled with the wrong converters, musical toys tortured into revealing hidden sonic secrets and computer hard drives dying noisily, all of the sounds in this library started out life as errors.

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Metal Cover - Gears Table Ver

For the first volume of our materials series we have focused on metal, and specifically metal with resonant properties.

All the instruments in the library are made from the sounds of metal bowls and containers being struck, brushed and rubbed with a variety of objects.

The sounds captured are mysterious, evocative and full of beautiful overtones.

Price: £10

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