Tone Manufacture is run by Michael F. Bates, a sound editor and designer based in London.

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If you are looking for post production sound we can supply the following services:

We can supervise the sound for your project, from pre-production through to the final mix.
When we supervise a project we can:

  • Offer advice about sound during pre-production
  • Find production sound crew
  • Provide sound effects during picture editing
  • Record custom sounds
  • Tracklay sound effects
  • Create sound design
  • Edit dialogue
  • Record & edit voice over & ADR
  • Mix in formats up to 5.1 surround sound
  • Create deliverables including encoding in Dolby AC3

Sound rounds out the world of your project, from the ambience of a quiet urban street to the sound of a car exploding.

We have an extensive library of sound effects and by combining these with sounds specifically recorded for your project and using the latest digital tools we can create a rich and detailed track to complement your project and enhance its emotional impact.

We have a range of mics and recorders with which to record ambiences or effects outside of the studio.

We do this to create bespoke libraries of sounds for projects we are working on and you can also hire us to provide sounds for your post production crew.

Hard to hear dialogue will very quickly turn off your audience.

We can prepare production sound ready for the final mix. Well edited dialogue, fully smoothed out and cleaned up, provides the base that all the other sound elements will sit upon.

Good dialogue editing can also help reduce the amount of ADR required by saving production sound that was thought to be unusable.

For the dialogue that cannot be saved we can turn to ADR.

We have a selection of microphones, including shotgun mics and lavalier mics to help match ADR to your production sound.

We can also record voice overs in our comfortable, well equipped studio.

Our studio is equipped with flexible monitoring so that we can mix your project in anything from old fashioned mono to immersive 5.1 surround sound.