For His Sake


Description: Fiction Short Film (2014)

Director: Louis Lagayette

Production Company: Tesa Productions

Sound Department:

Andrew Rowe – Sound Recordist

Tom Cook – Sound Assistant

Location: Festival appearances at Cannes Short Film Corner 2014; Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014; London Short Film Festival 2015; ASFF at York Residents’ Festival 2015; Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival 2015Soirées Disturb Festival, Paris; Living British Cinema Festival; British Urban Film Festival 2015; Broadcast on Eurochannel as part of their Short Films Tour season

Awards: Soirées Disturb Awards 2016. Nominated for Sound, Image, Music, Screenplay, Actress, Director, Film (Over 15 Minutes). Won for Screenplay, Actress, Director, Film (Over 15 Minutes)

The true story of Jennifer, a teenage mother living in Liverpool. Her son, Tommy, seems to have leukemia. They struggle to survive, and she asks the help of Rebecca, a social worker. Rebecca quickly realises that Jennifer is hiding something.

A great short film with some fantastic performances from a wide range of actors and non-actors.

I supervised sound post; editing dialogue, recording and editing sound effects and foley, creating backgrounds and sound design and final mixing in 5.1 surround. I also recorded the off screen ADR on location in Liverpool and the group ADR in my studio.

We had a fantastic sound recordist in Andrew Rowe which meant that the dialogue editing went very smoothly and there were a lot of very usable production effects and great wild tracks that meant the amount of foley and group ADR necessary was minimal.

A lot of work went into careful use of backgrounds to create the various environments that the characters find themselves trapped in.