Error Tone

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“Honour thy error as a hidden intention.”

Oblique Strategies, Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt

In that spirit, we’ve created a library solely from errors. Some of them completely accidental, some where we just looked the other way whilst the accident happened. But all of them stem from a willful ignorance of instruction manuals and correct operating procedures.

Home movie soundtracks mangled with the wrong converters, musical toys tortured into revealing hidden sonic secrets and computer hard drives dying noisily, all of the sounds in this library started out life as errors.

Some of them have been further treated with a mixture of carefully applied computer processing and traditional studio techniques, some left as nature (never) intended.

Available in Kontakt, Reason Refill or .wav / REX2 formats. All formats are supplied at 24 bit / 48khz.

Reason Refill contains:

  • 30 NN-XT sampler patches, ranging from massive pads to sub-shaking percussion.
  • 14 Combinator instruments, all with performance controls and extensive processing.
  • 200+ single hits, from tweeter shredding glitches to low end rumbles.
  • NN-XT patches with all the single hits mapped across the keyboard.
  • 46 REX2 loops, from percussion to circuit bent transmissions.

Kontakt version contains:

  • 32 instrument patches, from distorted drones to delicate mallet tones.
  • 30 drum and instrument loop patches.
  • 200+ singles hits, from tweeter shredding glitches to low end rumbles.
  • 8 patches with the single hits mapped across the keyboard for ease of use.
  • 46 REX2 loops.
  • Includes mod wheel automation and custom Performance Views to allow easy access to the most important controls.

WAV / REX2 version contains:

  • All of the WAV files used to make the instrument patches.
  • 200+ single hits.
  • 31 WAV loops.
  • 46 REX2 loops.

Error Tone Demo Track (contains only sounds from the Error Tone library.)

Error Tone Demo by tonemanufacture

A selection of loops and instruments from Error Tone.

Error Tone Loops and Instruments Demo by tonemanufacture