Bespoke Music & Sound Design

Does your project sound as good as it looks?

Music and sound design are often overlooked whilst creating a project, but your audience will always notice generic music and poor quality sound.

Bespoke music and sound design are essential to your project standing out, whether it’s a film competing in festivals or a video advertising your company.

Tone Manufacture is run by Michael F. Bates, a composer and sound designer who has created music and sound design for projects ranging from documentaries to corporate videos to films.

Get in touch to discuss your project and get your sound under control.

Below are some of the projects Michael has worked on.


A pitch for a short film. The music scored a scene set in a school detention room that progressed from bullying to fighting, and ended with one of the kids pulling a knife on the others.

Fight in Detention – Short Film Pitch by michaelfbates

A selection of music cues and sound design from WORLDwrite Productions’ documentary, Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything Is Possible.

Sylvia Pankhurst Documentary by michaelfbates


A video about luxury selling for a Rolls Royce training programme.

This project involved video editing, voiceover editing and music composition.

A track created to soundtrack a video slideshow on JBA Training Design’s website featuring extracts from their training courses.

Training Course Showcase Soundtrack by michaelfbates


Demo tracks for libraries on this site. All sound design and composition by Michael Bates.

Sample Libraries by tonemanufacture

Michael’s music has also been featured at events like Futuresonic and the Hebden Bridge Fringe Festival.

This piece was created for SoundNetwork’s exhibition at Futuresonic.

Apply Yourself To Hearing by michaelfbates